Monday, 11 March 2013

Everybody’s Favourite Bapu

Shubhada Bhangle
Shubhda Bhangle (Shubhangi  Valke)

Holding tightly my mother and father with my little hands at the age of three I, (Shubhangi Valke- maiden name) took admission into the nursery class of Shirodkar School.  Since then I know Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi, meaning Bapu Joshi. After that till Class XI, me and Bapu were together. All children at such a small age would cry while entering the school which seemed like prison to us. But Bapu never cried. Since then it was understood – He is different.
Birthday of every student used to be celebrated in our school. But Bapu’s birthday on 18th November was liked and enjoyed by all. Usually all would distribute chocolates, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc. but for Bapu’s birthday all would get different types of toys or attractive gifts, so all would eagerly await 18th November. Even today while watching the Montessori group photos, memories come alive. Not only Bapu but I even remember His loving Driverkaka who would drop Bapu to school in a Fiat car.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dynamic Personality – Bapu

Anubhav of Advocate Divya Shah

>> In the year 1977 Mr. Divya Shah passed out of the Law College at Churchgate and gained degree in Law.
Aniruddha Bapu Devotee_Divya Shah
Adv Divya Shah
>> Further he did his articleship under K. N. Diwanji and went on to become a Solicitor. Divya Shah became partner of this same firm in the year 1984.
>> He has participated in international arbitrations like ‘Dabhol Power Project’.
>> Further the Government of India appointed him in dual role of Assistant and Advisor and assigned him responsibility of preparing Draft of Sovereign Guarantee for 69 airplanes given by Exim Bank on behalf of Air India.
>> Established his independent Law firm, ‘Divya Shah Associates’ in the year 2004 along with his juniors, Adv. Seema Bhosale, Adv. Virendra Pereira and Adv. Aftab Diamondwala. It is worth noticing and pleasing to see involvement of people of many religions in his firm.
>> His zeal to work, blissful nature, knowledge and skills are worth praising.
>> Hundreds of Law students have been benefitted by the training they received under Mr. Divya Shah and have went on to become successful lawyers and solicitors.
>> Family Background of Mr. Divya Shah
  • Mr. Divya Shah’s father was also a successful lawyer
  • Daughter – Nitya Shah (Mrs. Nitya Ankur Parekh) is also a solicitor
  • Son – Vyom Shah is also a solicitor and practices in Supreme Court of India.
The first time that I got to hear about Bapu was from Ankush Chaudhari, sometime in the year 2000 – 2001. My friendship with Ankush dates back to the year 1992. After I heard about Bapu, I was very eager to meet Him; see Him in person. And so, on one Thursday, I went to Bandra East for taking His darshan. I could get His darshan only from a distance, but one thing that struck me very clearly – the person I was looking at, was definitely not an ordinary person; here was a unique, dynamic personality. I immediately told Ankush that I would like to meet Bapu in person. The year 2002 was passing by and my wish and desire of meeting Bapu had not yet been fulfilled. Finally the day dawned, when I had the opportunity of preparing the documents in relation to Happy Home. In fact, during that time I could meet Bapu atleast 2-3 times. It was during that time that an incident occurred for the first time in my life that I still cannot fathom.

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