Wednesday, 4 March 2015

He shook the Earth!!!

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There is a very famous statement of Dr. Nikola Tesla where he states that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe then think in terms of energies, frequencies and vibrations…” From our last article we have understood that as per Dr. Tesla everything, just everything is composed of nothing else but energies, frequencies and vibrations, and indeed it is. Trees, buildings, rivers, you, I and just everything in this Universe are composed of frequency, energy and vibrations. In the same article we have also talked about and described ‘Vibrational Frequency’. Thus all matter in this universe is made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles that vibrate at a particular rate and the vibrations of these particles are nothing else but vibrational frequency
Tesla Oscillator

Today we are going to witness a machine which Dr. Nikola Tesla had designed and built.This machine had amazed the greatest of the contemporary scientists, geologists, engineers and masses and rather continues to amaze everyone in today times as well. We are talking about an instrument called Corona Discharge Ozone Generator also called as Tesla Oscillator. Now be ready to read what you might not have read anywhere. Rather you would be astonished once you read it. Alternately you might also think it to be a fairy-tale but it’s not. What we are now going to read is fact and truth.

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